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      This is a year of quickness, a year of releasing and manifestations. It will be filled with manifold activations. Systemic operations and employed newness in the church and ideas will flood in the marketplace from the least expected unto the greatest!


      This year is for the uncommon, the unexpected and extraordinary. It will require the tremendous, the focused and the decisive. Discipline and super will be the base requirement for maximum productivity and he casual will not escape injury. Pressure intensity will be felt on every level, even atmospherically. Weather will intertwine until seasons cannot be identified by the normal.


      It will be a year of exposure and unveiling. Covers will be snatched off, so truth can prevail. Many leaders will be exposed and challenged. Division will be tremendous, mutiny and anarchy will be highly visible among the ranks. The Apostolic will bring order and alignment in churches that yield and bend toward God. Hearts will harden even more, because many churches have lost their cutting edge in the anointing, which proves dangerous for those congregations.


      Revival, Revival, Revival will scream in the wind and the church will respond. Restoration of massive prayer grids will occur across the world. More fasting will be announced and the powerlines of emission will be undeniable with miracles that will astound the most elite critics. Greater works than what man has seen will be manifest.  


      Miracles of nature, weather, animal kingdom, finances, health, language, higher intelligence, beyond institution of learning, will arise and ignite. In the realm of science, the believer will arise in precedence and revelation will introduce new financial, media, entrepreneur forum for the church.


      It will be the year of the voice and the year of sounds. The Prophets will disturb the magnetic waves that have flowed through the course of time and havesynchronized hearts to misalignment and devastationA new transmission in the spirit will fill the airways and it will interfere with the frequencies throughout the cosmos. New and more powerful frequency grids will align spiritual grids that have been destroyed and some forgotten, 


      Major space discoveries! America will undergo tremendous unexpected political changes. Retaliation will be very strong among the ranks, sabotage and betrayal among the ranks. Spies will be identified and punished among the rank. Changing of the guards will be tremendous. Policies inaugurated will be altered.


      The common unrecognized will be position in prestige and will be the seat of great economics. The political arena will experience a great washing and a great change. Youths will take strong character charges and initiate credible mandates that will be finically supported and unified undergirded. Striking realization will hit America and revivals will spring out in remote places traveling to rescue the recognized, the celebrated, but have lost their vibrancy of continuance.


      The sports arena will revive and become more formable, educational systems will rise in strength to educatand the word of God will find its way back into school systems. 


      Assassination will be an operative word. Anger will be a visibly embraced by many. What was once permitted will create an uprise. Minds of superior leaders will shifts in law enforcement, the judicial system, healthcare and political parties that would normally divided will come to unity.


      Prayer will arise above the heights of early revival years. Demonic forces will be overturned in many places that have been held hostage by them and they have nested and festered. These realms of demonic reigns will be obliterated and will not reconnect. 


      This will be a time of intentional healing, different alliances and restoration of trust on international bases. Preparation and reinstatement will be the installment over the next 12 months, preparing for a major movement in 2019. The strong will come to the forefront with great muscle mass and the weak will be force into stronger directives, because survival is too more to sustain long term.


      Zion is a noticeable presence, a task force of intelligence, revelation and truths that will not back down; they will not be hindered, stopped or denied! The Realm of Exactness will bring accuracy, strength and the Word of God to the forum of excellence, majesty and truth infallibly.  


      Enlightenments, empowerment, and will not be ignored! In the realm of Exactnessthis taskforce is filled with invasive maneuvers, stratagems and irresistible Threats that pierce the hearts, lives and destroys destinies; the church will be the reprisal.  


      Weapons of mass destruction will be discovered in other less prevalent nations. Persecution will intensify and social economics strokes will paralyze over confident systems until men will cry out for the living God. The church will invade every arena! Relentless and Powerfully! In the Realm of Exactness we are here in 2018 and it’s intentional!







      Matthew 22:38-41King James Version (KJV)

      38 This is the first and great commandment.

      39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

      40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

      41 While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them,









      Partners, Look at What the Lord Has Done

      We have gain stride and are constantly climbing higher and discovering more of God's essence within us. We have a greater recognition of purpose and timing. We refuse to operate on impulses, and yield to urges, but are consumed by our God given purpose. Forward motion dictates our habits and the kingdom of God is our focus.

      This year is a witness of the greatness of Jesus  Christ within us, around us and through us. As we are reaching the year's close,  look  at what the Lord has done.  Many mighty and wonderful doors were and are opened to us. We are seeing the beauty of the world, carrying the gospel, seeing the demonstration of miracles and deliverance in the body of Christ. Powerful and productive business duplicating in tremendous success, saints maturing and being filled with the Glory of God! Oh, look and see what the Lord has done and continuing to do!

      Challenges, struggles and trials has proven the Lord's faithfulness within us and our commitment to Him. His unfailing love has proven substantial, as we walked by faith and took considerable risks in obedience and it was well worth it. undiscribably worth it! We look forward in 2015. The best is yet to come. Partners, thank  you for holding up our arms in prayer and sacrificial fasting, giving, the many eamils, calls, letters and support. Thank you for obeying every unction towards us. We value and appreciate the deposit of your time and your life.

      As we proceed forward under divine command and see Jesus glorify the Father through us, we are increasing in momentum and empowerment. So, hold up your head, fill up your heart with the word, transfoorm your mind, curtail your speech and speak forth those things that produce life and success. Let's understand our moment. Don't back up! Do not be afraid for you are in full discovery.  Keep giving, keep building and keep developing. This manifestation of your greatness has already begun and you will not be stopped!  You are powerfully and effectively doing more than existing, you are mastering! 

       ~Apostle Helen Saddler~


      For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not evil, to bring you to an expected end!   (Jeremiah 29:11)






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      I personally want to thank you for the many emails, letters, and the many visitors, even new members that has come as a result of radio and internet. May the Lord Jesus continue to bless and use you beyond your wildest dreams and imagination! Continue to write me on the church website or email , facebook or periscope us.  We want to hear from you!

      Thank you for your continual support. It's because of friends like you that we can do the great things we do in helping others. You can also write  and send your support and call us at::


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      You are always welcome at our house, where you are guranateed that the presence of Jesus will meet you there. Come on and join us! We welcome you with open arms, open hearts and  the love of Christ!